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Custom Made Sculptures

Customized Large Metal Leaves Sculpture Corten Steel Outdoor Decoration Wholesale

Customized Large Metal Leaves Sculpture Corten Steel Outdoor Decoration Wholesale CSS-566

This corten steel sculpture is a customized metal leaves sculpture designed for an Arabic customer of YouFine. This stunning statue is designed by excellent designers who are experts in large outdoor decoration and our customer did like this metal ……

Metal Hollow Heart Sculpture-youfine sculpture

Large Metal Hollow Heart Sculpture For Outdoor CSS-553

Large Metal Hollow Heart Sculpture Details: “Heart” is usually a sign of enthusiasm and love. This metal hollow heart sculpture breaks through the inherent design. The hollowed feature makes this heart sculpture look mysterious and dist……

Modern Metal Cello Sculpture supplier

Modern Large Metal Cello Sculpture Art Decor Wholesale CSS-242

Metal Cello Sculpture Details: This stainless steel cello sculpture could leave people a deep impression with ease and suit apply at many places. It might be difficult for people to believe that this cello sculpture is made of stainless steel inste……

stainless steel art supplied by the YouFine factory

Large Outdoor Modern Stainless Steel Sculpture Art Decor for Sale CSS-70

Stainless Steel Sculpture Overview: If you are finding an impressive modern large outdoor sculpture, this stainless steel sculpture must be a good choice for you. It is made of high-quality stainless steel and designed by a group of talented design……

hanging heart decorations

Famous Hanging Stainless Steel Heart Sculpture Jeff Koon Art Decor for Sale CSS-547

Stainless Steel Heart Sculpture Details: This hanging stainless steel heart sculpture is created by a famous sculptor named Jeff Koon and is a popular and fashion decoration that could apply at many places. The heart sculpture is made of high-quali……

metal figure sculpture

Large Abstract Metal figure Sculpture Tamara Kvesitadze Ali Nino for Sale CSS-114

Metal figure Statue Details: This large metal figure sculpture is a famous artwork of Tamara Kvesitadze, named Ali and Nino. Every day the two statues would slowly move towards each other and gradually merge into one. And they would slowly pass thr……

David Cerny Metalmorphosis,

Large Outdoor David Cerny Sculpture Metalmorphosis for Sale CSS-115

David Cerny Sculpture Details: This David Cerny sculpture is both a fountain and a sculpture. From a distance, it looks like a spectacular setting that has just emerged from the movie. This genius work comes from the Czech sculptor David Cerny. It ……

Large Stainless Steel Musical Instrument Sculpture For Outdoor

Outdoor Large Stainless Steel Musical Instrument Sculpture For Sale CSS-560

Large Musical Instrument Sculpture Details: The large stainless steel musical instrument sculpture is made of high quality stainless steel materials. The entire sculpture is a combination of trumpets and music scores, with a simple and vital design……

Wind Powered Kinetic Sculpture,

Wind Powered Kinetic Sculpture Magical Metal Windmill for Sale CSS-01

About Wind Powered Kinetic Sculpture: This wind-powered kinetic sculpture is made of high-grade stainless steel and the unique design is impressive. This sculpture is formed with several stainless steel spinners and each of them would spin in diffe……

Metal Globe Sculpture,

Large Outdoor Metal Globe Sculpture Customized Decor for Sale CSS-026

Metal Globe Sculpture Overview: This Metal Globe Sculpture is a model of our earth and is a wonderful and special decoration for many places. It is made of high-quality stainless steel and could resist the erosion of wind and sunlight. Many custome……

metal abstract sculpture,

The Seed Metal Abstract Sculpture Modern Decor for Sale CSS-480

Metal Abstract Sculpture Overview: The intention for this metal abstract sculpture is to create a bold and sophisticated artwork, which incorporates references to growth, development, and regeneration. It is made of high-grade stainless steel and i……

Metal Figure Statue,

Modern Abstract Metal Figure Statue Art Decor Factory Supplier CSS-494

Metal Figure Statue Overview: This metal figure statue is made of high-quality stainless steel, created by a very talented designer. Unlike previous figures with clear facial contours and fine details, this sculpture has only the outline of the fig……

metal abstract sculpture,

Large Metal Abstract Sculpture Square Decor for Sale CSS-482

Metal Abstract Sculpture Details: This metal abstract sculpture is extremely large and its size and design could leave passerby an impression with ease. The raw material of this sculpture is high-grade stainless steel which is one of the most ideal……

metal abstract sculpture_

Polished Mirror Metal Figure Head Statue Large Decor Manufacture CSS-471

Head Statue Details: This metal figure head statue uses high-quality stainless steel and applies both mirror polish technique and advanced coloring technique. The statue consists of a giant figure head and three tiny persons. The three persons are ……

mobius sculpture,

Modern Large Stainless Steel Mobius Sculpture Art Decor for Sale CSS-477

Mobius Sculpture Introduction: This stainless steel Mobius sculpture is one of the most popular outdoor sculptures worldwide. The sculpture is made of high-quality stainless steel materials and has experienced a series of complex processes. The Mob……

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